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Here are some of my best guided meditations for grounding energy and meeting your future self.

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Calling Back Your Energy Guided Meditation

This is a good grounding meditation for empaths. In this meditation, we practice calling back our energy from all the people, places and things where it has been scattered. It helps us balance our energy, and it brings us into the present moment.

Grounding meditation can also be used when we are having trouble with difficult emotions or confusing thoughts. This is an essential meditation for anyone who tends to give too much.
Future Self Guided Meditation

In this guided meditation, you will go for a relaxing walk along the beach where you will meet your future self. This will help you gain clarity and peace of mind. It will also help you feel more confident about the future.

This is a relaxing meditation with beautiful music and the sound of ocean waves. It's perfect for reducing stress and anxiety while gently motivating you to accomplish your goals.
Chakra Balancing Meditation

This guided meditation is designed to strengthen and balance all the chakras. If you are a beginner, it can help you have an experience of feeling the energy in your chakras. For more advanced practitioners, it can help you locate underactive or overactive chakras that may need special attention. It's a good tune-up practice.

All things are created energetically first. The chakras affect all aspects of our lives. A healthy energy body has a balanced chakra system.
Self Compassion Guided Meditation

This is a guided meditation for self-compassion with progressive muscle relaxation. This long meditation is perfect for bedtime or naptime. It helps with physical and emotional healing.

In this meditation, we move our awareness through each part of the body, breathing deeply and relaxing the muscles. As we do this, we feel gratitude and compassion for the body. This is a good meditation for relaxation and pain relief.
Grounding Meditation to Balance Energy

This grounding meditation helps us connect with the energy of the earth. In our modern society, we tend to get disconnected from the root chakra when we spend too much time in our head. Grounding reconnects us with the body.

The first part of the meditation takes us down into the lower chakras, and the second part takes us up into the higher chakras. Then we integrate both energies to create a good balance.
Higher Self Guided Meditation

This guided meditation helps us shift our perspective and open our minds to new possibilities and creative solutions. In this meditation, we begin where we are, in the comfort of our own home, and we gradually expand our awareness into outer space.

During this guided meditation, we have the opportunity to speak with our higher self - the wise part of us who knows exactly what we need and how to solve our problems.
Accepting Change Guided Meditation

Are you in a transition period in some area of your life? Transitions can include changing jobs, moving to a new place, becoming a parent, facing a health crisis, going back to school, making a faith transition, leaving an old relationship or starting a new one.

In this guided meditation, you will go on a journey to meet your higher self, who will help you let go of old paradigms and prepare for new experiences. This makes the transition to your new life easier.
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Inner Child Healing Guided Meditation

Healing the Inner Child increases our self-compassion and improves our relationships with others. When we take responsibility for our own Inner Child, we stop expecting other people to fix us. No one else has the power to heal your Inner Child. That's your job and your great privilege. It's one of the most spiritual things you can do.

In this guided meditation, you will visualize your Inner Child and love them unconditionally. You will turn towards your pain and heal it.
grounding meditation 'Calling Back Your Energy'
future self meditation
self compassion meditation
guided meditation for higher self
grounding meditation for empaths
Future Self Guided Meditation (Meadow)

If you love soft grass, flowers and wildlife, you will enjoy this guided meditation. You will be gently led into a meadow where you will meet your future self and get personal advice, love and support.

Future self meditation connects us with the positive feelings and intentions of our goals. Making pictures in our mind of how we want to be in the future helps us utilize the power of the unconscious mind. This is a short and fun meditation.
Guided Meditation for Life Changes

Do you have fond memories of playing as a child? The Inner Child isn't just about pain and past trauma. This meditation connects us with the happy, carefree aspect of the Inner Child. The happy child is a source of endless creativity and enthusiasm for life.

This meditation helps us get unstuck from old ways of thinking and acting that no longer serve us. It opens our minds to new possibilities and new choices. It's a good meditation for making life changes.
chakra balancing meditation
guided meditation for life changes
future self meditation
inner child healing meditation
guided meditation for life changes
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