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Here are some of my best guided meditations for attracting love and setting goals.

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Guided meditation for future self
Guided meditation for attracting love
guided meditation positive emotions
guided meditation for goal setting
Guided meditation for creativity and creative ideas
Guided meditation for life purpose
guided meditation for gratitude and joy
Guided Meditation for Self Love and Forgiveness
guided meditation to connect with a loved one
grounding meditation for releasing negative thoughts
Guided Meditation for Future Self (Beach)

In this guided meditation, you will go for a relaxing walk along the beach where you will meet your future self. Seeing your future self can help you get clarity about where your life is heading. It will also help you feel confident and happy about the future.

This is a long, peaceful meditation with beautiful music and the sound of ocean waves. It's perfect for reducing stress and anxiety. It's also good for winding down at bedtime.
Guided Meditation for Setting Goals

In this guided meditation, you will go on a magic carpet ride to a foreign land, where you will learn how to set goals and visualize your future. It's a long meditation with a fun story line. So sit back and enjoy the ride :)

You can also use this meditation as a writing process. Just pause the recording and write down the answers to the questions. It's a tried and true technique that really works.
Guided Meditation for Positive Emotions

This meditation uses visualization techniques to help you shift your emotional state from negative to positive. It's a short meditation with a fun process that you can do whenever you want to feel better. It can be used for any negative emotion (sadness, anger, fear, etc.)

This is a good meditation for practicing Law of Attraction because it helps you see how your thoughts and the pictures in your mind affect your vibration. It also helps with anxiety and stress reduction.

Guided Meditation for Attracting Love

In this guided meditation, you will visit a magical rose garden, where you will learn the secrets of how to be your most attractive self, so you can attract more love into your life.

This is a metaphorical journey through the chakras. Each chakra, represented by a different colored rose, has a special message about attracting love. Most of the rose pictures in the slideshow were taken in my own garden.
Guided Meditation for Creative Thinking and Ideas

In this guided meditation, you will visit an eccentric friend, who will take you on an adventure that will increase your creativity and stimulate creative ideas.

It's a good morning meditation with a fun story line. Or you can use it as a guided sleep meditation to bring creative ideas into your dreams. It has some pretty cool pictures, and the music by Christopher Lloyd Clarke is superb. I really enjoyed making this one.
Guided Meditation for Finding Your Life Purpose

In this guided meditation, you will go on a journey to find your life purpose, and you will meet someone who will help you gain clarity. It's an inspiring meditation with a fun story line and beautiful music.

The coaching process in this meditation approaches the problem of discovering your life purpose in a unique way that you may have never thought of before. You will probably want to do it more than once so you can go deeper into self-discovery each time.
Guided Meditation for Gratitude and Joy

This meditation will help you experience joy by practicing gratitude. I've used this process with clients, who had profound realizations as a result. Gratitude is at the top of the emotional scale, along with joy, knowledge, peace and love.

Practicing gratitude is one of the most powerful things you can do to raise your vibration and accelerate your spiritual development. The beautiful music in the background is inspiring.
Guided Meditation for Self-Love and Forgiveness

This meditation will help you experience self-love and compassion by forgiving yourself for past mistakes. It has a fun storyline to gently guide you into an experience of self-forgiveness. The beautiful music and pictures also help.

In this guided meditation, you will see the connection between your past and future selves. As we practice forgiving ourselves, it becomes easier to forgive others.
Guided Meditation to Meet a Loved One

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Guided Meditation for Near Death Experience

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