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Here are some of my best guided meditations for love and healing relationships.

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Mindfulness Meditation for Self Awareness

Mindfulness meditation is an essential practice for self-awareness. In this guided meditation, we bring awareness to the breath, body, thoughts and emotions. We allow whatever arises to be okay as we simply observe all parts of ourselves.

As our awareness increases with regular mindfulness practice, we are better able to love and care for ourselves and others, and our lives improve in many ways.
Loving Kindness Meditation

This guided meditation is based on the traditional Buddhist practice called Metta Bhavana. Loving Kindness meditation increases our self-compassion and our feelings of love for all people and all creatures.

We start by focusing on the breath. Then we direct loving kindness towards our self. We gradually expand our awareness as we extend loving kindness towards all others. Brain scans done on monks who practice Loving Kindness meditation show increased gamma waves.
Tonglen Guided Meditation

Tonglen is a meditative practice from the Buddhist tradition. This is a good meditation for developing self-compassion and love for others as you face your own pain and the suffering of other people.

Tonglen meditation expands your identity beyond the individual self. This is a powerful guided meditation for pain relief, whether the pain is physical or emotional. It helps you drop the ego's resistance, and it increases your awareness and your capacity to love.
Guided Meditation for Clarity and Guidance

This is a guided meditation to help you gain clarity about your goals, your life purpose, or any other aspect of your life for which you need guidance. It helps you connect with your inner wisdom.

In this meditation, you go on a journey to expand your consciousness and shift your perspective. It's a peaceful, contemplative meditation - perfect for when you need to step back from the details of your life and look at the big picture.
Guided Meditation for Love and Healing Relationships

In this guided meditation, your spirit guide will help you understand the purpose of your past relationships so you can let go of the past and experience love and healing.

You will also learn how to improve your current relationships and attract healthy relationships in the future that support your personal growth. This meditation is good for all types of relationships. It will help you gain clarity so you can feel compassion, love and peace.
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loving kindness meditation
tonglen guided meditation
guided meditation for clarity and guidance
guided meditation for love and healing relationships
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guided meditation for codependency
Guided Meditation for Codependency

In this guided meditation, we visualize a lighthouse standing tall and strong on a hill above the sea. We contemplate the purpose of the lighthouse and how it guides the ships to safety.

This meditation increases our self-confidence and helps us overcome codependency. We learn how to stand firm in our own energy as an example to others, especially when acting as a guide or teacher. This is very important for empaths and energy-sensitive people.
soulmate meditation
Guided Meditation for Attracting a Soulmate

A soulmate is a person with whom we share a deep connection on the soul level. Soulmates can be life partners, friends or children. They help us with our personal growth. In this meditation, you will visit the soul plane where you will choose a soulmate with the help of a guide.

This meditation will help you experience the energy of your soul and how it interacts with other souls. It can also be used to improve your current soulmate relationships.
Guided meditation for expanding consciousness
Guided Meditation to Expand Consciousness

This guided meditation is based on Ken Wilber's model of the four stages of consciousness - egocentric, ethnocentric, worldcentric and kosmocentric. In this meditation, we learn about these perspectives and experience what they feel like.

At each stage, our awareness expands to include more perspectives until we encompass the entire universe. We realize our true nature and increase our capacity for love and compassion.
guided meditation for releasing stress
Grounding Meditation for Empaths

In this meditation, you will go down deep into the earth until you come to a cave with a lake. The silver lake represents the grounding energy of the earth. You will release stress and other negative emotions, and you will soak up the energy of lightheartedness and joy.

This is a short, simple and relaxing meditation. It's good for bedtime or anytime you want to relax and let go of stress. It's especially nice for empaths and energy sensitive people.
guided meditation for achieving goals
Achieving Goals Guided Meditation

This is a powerful meditation for achieving goals. We visit a beautiful meadow where we communicate with an immature part of ourselves called the subpersonality. We feel compassion for the subpersonality and teach it to function in a better way.

This guided meditation uses symbolism and imagination to harness the power of the unconscious mind in order to achieve our goals. It also helps us understand our past and future selves.
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