Life Coaching - Scheduling

You can schedule a free consultation to find out if life coaching is
right for you. Plan on 30 minutes for the free session.

If we decide to work together, the price is $50 for a one-hour
session. Payments can be made through this PayPal link.

Coaching calls are done once a week or every other week. I coach
on weekday mornings, Mountain Standard Time. I use WhatsApp for international calls.

Please read the article called What is Life Coaching? before contacting me. I only coach people between ages 35 and 65. I'm not a therapist, so I can't work with depression or personality disorders. Plan on spending 30 minutes a day doing homework in order to gain the greatest benefit from coaching.

To request coaching, please send me an email describing your current situation, what you have done in the past for personal growth, and what you would like to gain from coaching. See the home page for the types of coaching that I offer.


"Diane's coaching comes from her heart and from her personal experience. She has a solid, working knowledge of a vast variety of healing modalities, and the sensitivity to know which ones to use when. She has coached me when I was at the top of my game and also through personal crisis. Her coaching is an asset to my spiritual growth."

~Cathrine Troy, executive director of All Age Adoptions Plus, MA, LPCC, LPAT
Cathrine Troy life coach
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"Diane is an amazing coach. She is always fully present for you and the issues you're dealing with. And, most importantly, Diane knows exactly how to dig beyond the surface-level symptoms and really help you identify the root of any problem. She helps shine a light on what really matters and guides you on how to create exactly what you want. "

~Alex Bratty, research consultant, Alex Bratty Research
Alex Bratty
"Diane is exceptionally skilled at creating the perfect environment for her clients to step into their own healing. Her gentle, but deep focus allows each person to feel confident and secure in moving forward. My favorite of her techniques is Voice Dialogue, which has brought tremendous healing and insight for me. If you are ready for something remarkably different, take the plunge into self-compassion. You will be pleasantly surprised at the newness of finding You."

~Dorothy Guinn, intuitive energy practitioner, InJoy Intuitive Therapies
Dorothy Guinn life coach
Irma Francis life coach
"Diane has brilliantly connected so many avenues of self-compassion, self-development and evolving awareness. She openly shares her personal experience which adds such depth, wisdom, authenticity and hope to her coaching style. Her calmness and presence create an energetic attunement that helps me stay grounded as we explore the many aspects of creating a life of wholeness and integration. I sense the mystical at play in each coaching call. If you have found your way to Diane, know that you have been divinely guided."

~Irma Francis, holistic life coach, spiritual mentor, Awakening Innate Wisdom
"Diane's an amazing life coach! I've been struggling with attaining my life goals, and I was stuck for a long time. I was struggling with a health problem, working on publishing my book, and trying meet a life partner. When I started coaching with Diane, I made tremendous improvement. In just three months, my health problem was resolved, and my current book has attracted a ton of interest from mentors, agents and editors! I like her way of coaching because it's not all about goal setting and coming up with a plan. She tackles the emotional issues that arises from pursuing success that often become an obstacle to success. She is also very friendly, incredibly warm, and so easy to talk to! I'm glad I decided to start life coaching with her:)"

~Reena Deen, Singapore, middle grade writer
Zareena Deen
"Diane is fantastic coach, and I highly recommend working with her. She makes you feel instantly comfortable and is incredibly compassionate. I've especially loved our work together using Voice Dialogue. It has lead to profound insights and lasting change."

~Lisa Abramson, Executive Coach, Mindfulness Teacher and Keynote Speaker
life coach