About Diane Linsley

I'm a certified Law of Attraction life coach. I completed a rigorous,
one-year training program with the Quantum Success Coaching
Academy. I also spent many years practicing meditation,
dreamwork, energy work and Voice Dialogue.

Life Challenges

When I was 20 years old, I contracted Epstein-Barr virus during
my first pregnancy, which led to the development of a plethora of
so-called autoimmune diseases, including fibromyalgia, chronic
fatigue syndrome, food allergies and rheumatoid arthritis. I also
suffered from severe TMJ.

I saw many doctors during my twenties, but their misdiagnoses and the drugs they prescribed just made things worse. After I got extremely ill from a Clostridium difficile infection caused by antibiotics, the doctor sent me home on antidepressants and said there was nothing else he could do for me.

Then I encountered a woman who knew about natural health. She put me on probiotics, supplements, and a gluten-free, dairy-free diet. I was back on my feet and off the antidepressants in just 3 days. After that, I spent thousands of hours studying alternative medicine.

Spiritual Experiences

Over the next 20 years, I stayed busy raising my three children and running an online business, Diane's Flower Seeds. I also did Holosync meditation and other spiritual practices.

In 2012, I had a near-death experience in which I encountered the Light at the end of the tunnel. That altered my map of reality, and it took a couple of years to make sense of the experience and integrate it. Around that time, I began having frequent lucid dreams and OBE's.

In 2013, I started doing chakra chants by Jonathan Goldman and energy work by Robert Bruce. I also did Voice Dialogue by Hal and Sidra Stone. By the end of that year, all of my chakras had opened, and I experienced a full kundalini awakening with all the associated phenomena, including an out-of-body vision. That was a life-altering experience!

When my kids grew up and left for college, I decided to become a life coach. My husband didn't support my new career plans. For 26 years, he had actively discouraged me from having friends, driving a car, or holding any job that involved speaking to other people. I lived an isolated life, and I had no support.

I finally rebelled by putting myself in therapy and joining the coaching academy. That led to a divorce and the beginning of a new life.

Starting Over

During my divorce, I moved to a new city. It was very challenging, but the confidence I gained from my spiritual experiences gave me courage.

Then I suffered a shocking setback. I suddenly became extremely ill, and I was diagnosed with Graves' disease. The doctor wanted to destroy my thyroid with radioactive iodine, but I knew there must be a better option. To buy time, I requested treatment with Methimazole. Then I started looking for a cure.

Over time, I found the information I needed in several books, including The Autoimmune Solution by Dr. Amy Myers, Hashimoto's Protocol by Izabella Wentz, and Medical Medium Thyroid Healing by Anthony William. I made a full recovery, which shocked my endocrinologist.

One of the symptoms of Graves' disease is severe anxiety. I don't know how I could have coped with the panic attacks without the spiritual practices I describe on this website.

There's a good side to all the adversity I went through. I discovered what is most important to me, and I stopped caring what other people thought. I formed a stronger connection with my higher self, and I got clear about my life purpose. I learned that I was on the right path - exactly where I was supposed to be. Nothing in my life was a tragic mistake, as I had previously thought.

Why Self-Compassion Coaching?

In the summer of 2017, I listened to the Self-Acceptance Summit by Sounds True. I especially enjoyed the talks by Martha Beck and Kristin Neff, who talked about self-compassion.

One day, as I was taking a shower, I received a "download from the universe." I was scratching the soles of my feet, stimulating the acupressure points and blissing out, when I felt a pulsation in my crown chakra, and a voice in my head told me to rename my business Self-Compassion Coaching.

When I got out of the shower, I was inspired to write down the ideas that came into my mind. As I wrote, I came up with ideas for lots of new articles and guided meditations. My website is always evolving as I get more inspiration.

In 2018, I met my soulmate through online dating. That was another great adventure that helped me become a better life coach. Through all my experiences, I've learned how to coach people in many different areas of life.

Each person has their own unique path, and I don't impose my beliefs or way of doing things on anyone else, no matter how well it works for me. I respect each individual's journey. I have lots of resources and processes that I share with others to help them on their path.

If you are interested in coaching with me, click here to schedule a free consultation.

Be well,
Diane Linsley

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