What is Life Coaching?
by Diane Linsley

I wrote this article to help people understand the difference
between life coaching and therapy. If you are considering coaching
with me, please read this article first.

My Background as a Life Coach

I'm a certified life coach. I did a one-year training program in the Quantum Success Coaching Academy, which mostly focused on Law of Attraction processes.

I also have many years of experience with other modalities, including Voice Dialogue, energy work, dreamwork and guided meditation. I've studied cognitive development and many spiritual practices.

I'm an intuitive empath with a natural ability to understand people. Even though I've only been a certified life coach since 2015, I've been coaching people informally for much of my life. People are naturally drawn to me because of my empathic abilities and my wide range of knowledge and practical experience in many areas of life. I also coach other coaches who are interested in learning the specific modalities that I use in my practice.

Life Coaching Versus Therapy

Some people think that life coaching is just cheap psychotherapy. In reality, life coaching is a totally different thing. I want people to understand the difference so they can get the help they need.

Life coaches cannot diagnose or treat any of the mental health conditions listed in the DSM, including depression, personality disorders, psychosis, etc. Life coaches do not have the same training as therapists, and the goals of coaching are different from the aims of therapy.

The biggest block to success for many people is being stuck in the story of past trauma. I have great compassion for the suffering of other people, since I've been through so much myself. But life coaching is not designed to treat trauma.

There are no emergencies in life coaching. If you have an emergency, please seek help from a licensed therapist, minister, or health care professional.

Having said that, I want to point out that it's not what a person has been through that determines their future. It's their willingness to take responsibility for their life and make changes. Some of my best clients have been through the worst things. What makes them good clients is they focus on their own personal growth instead of blaming others and staying stuck in the past.

What to Expect From Coaching

My job as a life coach is to teach you processes that you can practice on your own. Processes are tools that help us organize our thoughts so we can see patterns and correct our thinking. People who suffer from depression are often unable to think clearly or focus on goals. If this describes you, then life coaching is not the right thing for you at this time.

I do not have any magic pills or quick fixes. Life coaching is about setting goals and working to achieve them. The word "coach" is significant. I can teach you processes, but you have to do the work. Personal growth requires commitment and a willingness to pay the price required to succeed.

In coaching sessions, we talk about beliefs, values and goals. I may introduce you to new maps for understanding yourself, such as personality type or the Enneagram. We may do Voice Dialogue, dreamwork, or Law of Attraction processes. Life coaching is a lot of fun :)

A hypnotherapist once told me that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. Likewise, I believe that all coaching is self-coaching. My intention is to teach you processes that you can use for the rest of your life to coach yourself. Once you've learned the basic processes, you can adapt them to any situation.

Enjoy the articles, guided meditations, and other resources listed on this website. If you are ready to move forward with your life in a new and exciting way with coaching, I look forward to talking with you :)

Here's a fun guided meditation for setting goals.

Be well,
Diane Linsley

As a life coach, I use many different processes to help
people with their personal growth. Click here if you are
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