Secrets of Success
by Diane Linsley

I just finished doing the Life Principles Integration Process online
course by Bill Harris for the second time in my life. I did it the
first time in 2009. The entire course takes eighteen months to
complete if you do one lesson every two weeks. It's a real bargain
for the amount of information that you get.

Bill Harris has been a greater influence for good in my adult life
than any other human being on earth. I started his Holosync
meditation program in 2007. I didn't know back then that it would
change the course of my life.

Success and Brain Health

As Bill Harris says, "Awareness is everything," and, "You can't do
something that does not serve you and do it with awareness." 

Bill is a unique spiritual teacher because he doesn't just teach about spirituality and then leave you hanging out as a "spiritual person" who can't function in the relative world and be successful in making money or achieving goals. Bill is the most rational teacher I've ever encountered. His course is designed to help people go to higher levels of cognitive development.

Some spiritual people can't think rationally to save their lives. Their brand of spirituality is really just magical thinking, as demonstrated in JP Sears's ultra spiritual videos.

Bill isn't just a spiritual teacher - he's also a scientist. His Holosync meditation program is endorsed by some of the top people in the field of neuroscience, including Dr. Daniel Amen. Success has a lot to do with how well your brain works. Improving the health of your brain is well worth the effort.

A poorly functioning brain is full of fear and other overwhelming emotions, so it's unable to think clearly. A person in this state has a hard time understanding why they should eat right, exercise, meditate, or take a success course that will challenge them to learn and grow. They are just looking for a quick fix - a magical solution to their problems. They spend their time and money going from one magical cure to another and never getting any better.

Success and Beliefs

In Bill's third course, The Success Solution, he cuts through the magical baloney that is so prevalent in the New Age movement, and he reveals some powerful secrets of success. The homework assignments are an essential part of the program. Many people listen to motivational speakers, thinking that if they just change their attitude, success will naturally follow. When it doesn't, they get discouraged.

Yes, attitude is important. Our emotions and beliefs are the underlying factors that determine our success in every aspect of life. But the nitty-gritty of succeeding in the world requires actually doing something - not just changing our vibration. The Law of Attraction works best when we are moving.

Bill's course is based on the classic book, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. In fact, most success courses of the past century are based on this book, originally published in 1937. Bill has read the book over 50 times and taught these principles to thousands of people. But he doesn't stop there. He adds material from other sources, including one of my favorites - Scripts People Live by Claude Steiner.

When I read Claude Steiner's book in 2009, I realized that I had been living a Cinderella script since childhood. I saw my life through the metaphor of this script, and I became aware of the childhood programming that had created my life script. With my new awareness, I could no longer be controlled by other people or by the voice of the Inner Critic, which had previously kept me trapped in the script.

Taking Action for Success

Bill's course is full of great ideas and practices for achieving goals - too many to list here. So I just want to mention one thing that stood out for me. It's the idea that when you are stuck, the best thing you can do is take action.

That sounds a little backwards, doesn't it? Most people believe that when you are stuck, it means that you are on the wrong track, and you need to stop and wait for inspiration to strike. Or you need to work harder on "raising your vibration" and "getting into a good-feeling place."

Unfortunately, you can stay stuck like that for many years. Feeling good is nice, but it's not a substitute for action. As John Assaraf, says, "Feel the fear, and do it anyway."

How do you take action when you are anxious, or you don't know what to do? Just do something - anything. Successful people don't sit around raising their vibration all day. They get out and work. Every time you take action, you get feedback (positive or negative - it doesn't matter which) that helps you correct your course and move closer to success.

Doing an Experiment

Faith is the willingness to experiment. Experimentation leads to experience. It's like doing a science project. You start with a hypothesis. Then you create a theory, which you attempt to prove with an experiment. After collecting data from the experiment, you know whether or not your theory actually works. Then you can tweak your theory (or create a new theory) and move on to the next experiment.

Belief is like a hypothesis. People believe a lot of things - including many things that are unresourceful or just plain silly. Faith is more conscious than belief. Faith happens when you purposely choose what you want to believe, and you create a theory that you intend to prove. Once you have a theory, you can enlist your rational mind to design an experiment.

When I decided to become a life coach, I had no proof yet that I could do it. It was just a hypothesis. I decided to make the hypothesis into a theory and act with faith by doing an experiment. I joined the Quantum Success Coaching Academy (by Bill's recommendation), and I got to work.

Frankly, I was terrified. I was going through a very difficult time in my life with an upcoming divorce, and I was not in a good place emotionally. But in spite of the fear, I acted with faith by pushing forward every day, doing my homework assignments, and practicing coaching.

Over the past few years, I've had to repeatedly pick myself up after falling. I continue to move forward - changing course when necessary - always with the end goal in mind. I've discovered that inspiration comes to those who are moving their feet.

Clarity comes from getting more information. When you act, the universe gives you feedback. Often, the feedback is negative, as in, "Oops, that didn't work so well." But that's not failure! You cannot fail unless you stop trying. Feedback shows us where we need to improve.

It's like the suggestions I got from seed customers in the early days of my seed business. They weren't always complimentary. Sometimes I cried after being criticized. But once I got over the emotional charge, I considered the suggestions. Some of the worst criticisms led to the biggest improvements in my business. These experiences taught me humility, which is the willingness to learn and change.

A Formula for Success

A college student recently interviewed me about my seed business for an assignment in her class on entrepreneurship. I told her the secrets of success, which she had surprisingly never heard of before. At one point, she asked me a question that stumped me: "How did you deal with setbacks?"

Honestly, I'd never thought of anything that happened in my business as a setback. I viewed everything as learning experiences. I told her, "There's no such thing as failure. Whenever you act, you either succeed or you have a learning experience. Then you take the next step. The next step appears as you move forward. Sometimes, you can only see one foot in front of you, but you take that step."

The secret is to take action and learn as you go. Nobody knows exactly what to do and how to do it when they are starting out. Inspiration comes as you move forward.

I wake up each morning with the inspiration I need just for that day. On rare occassions, I get big downloads from the universe that give me lots of information for projects that will take years to accomplish. This happened recently, and I don't know yet exactly how I will accomplish these big goals.

But I know the basic formula for success: Create a theory. Do an experiment. Observe the results. Make adjustments to your plan based on the feedback you get. Then do another experiment.

Remember the science fair projects from junior high? What was the point of those? I believe it was to teach us the scientific method, which can be applied to all areas of our lives in order to achieve success. Whether you are trying to improve a relationship, maximize your health, or succeed in a career, you can use the scientific method to achieve measurable results.

The job of the rational mind is to solve problems. For every challenge, there is someone in the world who has dealt with it before you. Seek out the best teachers and the people who have succeeded in doing what you want to do. Learn from them.

My advice for people who want to succed is to take Bill's course and/or hire a life coach who can teach you processes for success. A coach can't do the work for you, but they can help you get clarity, change unresourceful beliefs, and overcome emotional blocks.

Here's a guided meditation for achieving goals.

Be well,
Diane Linsley

As a life coach, I use many different processes to help
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