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Welcome to Self-Compassion Coaching with Diane Linsley. I'm a
certified life coach specializing in self-compassion, life transitions,
and spiritual development. I also offer life coach training.

No matter what challenges you are facing in your life, you can
experience more joy and fulfillment as you learn how to treat
yourself with compassion.

What is Self-Compassion Coaching?

Self-compassion is the highest form of self-love. It's a spiritual skill
that grows stronger the more you practice. 

Self-compassion differs from self-esteem in some important ways. Self-esteem is situational. It is based on what you do and your performance in the world. Self-esteem is important because it largely determines your level of success and your ability to achieve your goals. Your feelings of self-esteem indicate how well you are able to meet the challenges of life. Self-esteem often fluctuates, and it can be affected by many factors in the outer world.

Many of us have experienced having our self-esteem shattered by a traumatic event that leaves us less able to cope with the challenges of life. At times like this, self-compassion can heal us. Self-compassion is not dependent on anything or anyone outside of us. It's a skill we can practice every day.

Self-compassion is more than just self-care. Self-care is very important, but self-compassion goes further to include self-discipline and taking responsibility for how we create our own lives. It involves deep healing and personal growth work. Anything less is spiritual bypassing.

The processes I teach require time and effort, along with the ability to think clearly and the willpower to change habits of thought and action. Ideally, the processes should be practiced every day until they become second nature. The benefits of self-compassion come as a result of doing the work.

Types of Coaching that I Offer

Life Coach Training - This is for people who want to learn new skills to use in their own coaching practice. I train both experienced and inexperienced coaches.

Emotional Healing - This is for people going through difficult times such as narcissistic abuse recovery, divorce, death of a loved one, or chronic illness. I also do inner child coaching.

Relationship Coaching - This includes everything from dating to improving existing relationships. It involves learning about assertiveness, boundaries and overcoming codependency. Good relationships begin with self-compassion.

Spiritual Coaching - I've experienced enlightenment, a near-death experience, a kundalini awakening, and many out-of-body experiences. Such experiences can cause a spiritual crisis. It helps to work with someone who knows how to handle them. I also help people who are going through faith transitions or working on their cognitive development.

Dreamwork Coaching - I've been a lucid dreamer for many years. Dreamwork is one of the most effective sprititual practices I've ever encountered. Clients are often amazed at the realizations they have during a dreamwork session.

Enneagram Coaching - The Enneagram is a personality typing tool that helps people discover the unconscious beliefs that are running their lives. Working with the Enneagram can help you improve your relationships and make rapid progress in your cognitive and spiritual development.

Voice Dialogue Coaching - Do you ever feel like you are being pulled in two different directions, and you can't make a choice? Voice Dialogue is a process that helps us understand the different parts of ourselves (called subpersonalities). This work helps us develop awareness and self-compassion. It can lead to profound spiritual breakthroughs as we transcend the ego and discover our True Self.

Guided Meditation - I've recorded a series of free guided meditations. I sometimes ask clients to listen to a specific meditation that might be helpful for them.

How to Begin Self-Compassion Coaching

Before contacting me, please read the article called What is Life Coaching? If you feel ready to move ahead with coaching, you can email me for a free consultation.

Check out the articles and guided meditations. To receive new recordings, subscribe to my page on Insight Timer. See the links page for other websites and resources.

Be well,
Diane Linsley

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