EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique
by Diane Linsley

In my coaching practice, I sometimes use a process called EFT.
This process is especially helpful for calming a person who is
experiencing emotional distress. I first heard of EFT from
Dr. Joseph Mercola, who considers it to be one of the best natural
healing modalities.

EFT involves tapping your fingers on various energy points
throughout the upper body while repeating affirmations that
help to shift your emotional energy into a more positive,
healing vibration.

How EFT Works

EFT can be used to release the negative energy and thought
patterns around any sort of problem, including relationships,
money, success, health problems, fears and phobias.

The affirmations we use during EFT help to increase our self-compassion. The most common phrase we use is, "Even though I ___ (fill in the blank), I deeply and completely love and accept myself."

EFT is simple enough that you can teach it to a child. There are basic guidelines and steps for using the process, but it doesn't have to be done exactly as it was originally designed. As you become familiar with it through practice, you'll quickly learn how to adjust it to suit your own unique needs. For more information on EFT and how to do it, see EFT Universe.

Another Technique Like EFT

I often use another technique that is similar to EFT, but faster and easier to learn. It consists of rubbing five acupressure points that correspond to the five main emotions that need to be cleared - fear, sadness, anger, worry and confusion - while repeating affirmations that release these emotions and replace them with positive beliefs.

I read about the five acupressure points in Dr. Corey Sondrup's book, Reclaiming Your Power, and I experimented with combining his process with EFT.

I've found this practice to be very effective for relieving anxiety. It's also helpful for working through the grieving process. I've used it with many narcissistic abuse clients, and it was one of the things that aided my own healing.

Recently, a dear friend called me for an emergency coaching session. She had just received news that her mother had died. The previous day, her son had been arrested. To complicate matters, she was suffering from a relapse of her autoimmune disease. After listening to her story, I told her about EFT and the new process that I'd been practicing, and she agreed to try it.

We spent 30 minutes doing energy work as part of the coaching call with good results. She told me later that the new process helped her get through that first day with the initial shock and grief, and she was able to move forward with the grieving process and heal more quickly.

I rarely use EFT alone for emotional processing. From my experience, it works best when used as part of a more comprehensive process. I give instructions for this in my article on emotional healing.

Here's a guided meditation for positive emotions.

Be well,
Diane Linsley

As a life coach, I use many different processes to help
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